The View From Here

** Winner - 'Storytelling World' Honors **

** Winner - 'Parents Choice' Silver Honors **


School Library Journal

Our 2004 release is a presentation of tales, ballads and unique adaptations of traditional stories hailing from, and inspired by, The Storycrafters' home state. Stories include: "The Bucket Faced Pig", "The Princess and the Pea Rap", "Ballad of the Baker's Dozen", "Wip Van Rinkle", "Zack and the Dog", and more! A hilarious and haunting collection.

Recommended for ages 8 & up


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The View From HereHear Audio Samples:

1. The Bucket Faced Pig

2. The Baker's Dozen

3. Mistress Murray

4. Wip Van Rinkle

5. Milk Bottles

6. Zack and the Dog

7. The Princess and the Pea Rap